Beast of Boggy Creek Fouke Monster

Visiting Fouke

Every year, hundreds of people travel to Fouke to see the home of the legendary Boggy Creek Monster. Here's some information to make your visit worthwhile.

Hotels, Motels, Cabins:

There are no motels or cabins in Fouke. If you would like to stay in the area, you will need to book a hotel in nearby Texarkana, camp out, or rent a room at Holly's Cottage which is an Air BnB location. (If you opt for Holly's Cottage, mention you saw the link on and you'll receive a 10% discount.)


You can camp for free at the scenic Alex Smith Park. It's located northwest of Fouke on Highway 247 (Blackmon Ferry Rd) near the intersection of 247 and County Road 151. There's a good place to access the rivers/bayous at 151. You'll see the signs. Lots of historical and recent sightings in that area too. Location map:

Local Establishments To Visit:

Monster Mart - Start your journey here. Located at Highway 71 and Main in the center of Fouke, the Monster Mart has convenience store items, a souvenir shop, great pizza, and historical Fouke Monster items to see. There's excellent photo ops both inside and outside.

Miller County Historical Museum - This is another great place to see Fouke Monster artifacts and learn about the history of the area. It's located on East Redcut Road just off Highway 71. You'll see the sign for it as you drive down the street. It's open from 10am - 2pm on Saturdays only.

Paw Daddy's Donut and Coffee Shop - While in town, be sure to drop by Paw Daddy's for some coffee, donuts and other breakfast treats. (Open mornings only.)

Allen's Burger Center - Allen's has a full grill of American classics.

• Sheryl's Kitchen - A quaint cafe with homegrown favorites. (Located next to the Monster Mart.)

Historical Sites:

Boggy Creek - Two miles south on Highway 71 from the Monster Mart, you'll cross Boggy Creek. Boggy Creek also crosses under County Road 9, near its origin. The best spot to stop and see Boggy Creek is where it crosses under County Road 7 (Burgess Road).

Willie Smith's Beanfield - Willie's old beanfield is now part of Boggy Springs Ranch and is not accessible to the public. However, you can essentially see the beanfield area to the west where Boggy Creek crosses under County Road 9. Boggy Creek runs through the back of the old beanfield as it makes it's way toward Highway 71. (Willie's land was located between County Road 9 and Highway 71.)

Ford House - People often ask about the "Ford House." The house was located on the west side of Highway 71 just north of Fouke, but has long since been torn down.

Searcy House - The "Searcy House," which was shown in The Legend of Boggy Creek and the recent Boggy Creek Monster documentary, is located on private property and is not available to visit.

Sulphur River - The Sulphur River public boat ramp is a convenient and easy way to view the river. It's located 9 miles south of Fouke on Highway 71. Just watch for the sign as you approach the bridge while travelling south. The Fouke Monster has been spotted along the Sulphur River over the years, with a few sightings occurring quite close to the location of the public boat ramp.



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