Beast of Boggy Creek Fouke Monster

Visiting Fouke

Every year, hundreds of people travel to Fouke to see the home of the legendary Boggy Creek Monster. Here's some information to make your visit worthwhile.

Hotels, Motels, Cabins

There are no motels or cabins in Fouke, so if you would like to stay in the area, you could stay in nearby Texarkana, camp out, or rent a room at Holly's Cottage (an Air BnB location).


The best public camping option is Alex Smith Park. It's located northwest of Fouke on Hwy 247 (Blackmon Ferry Rd) near the intersection of 247 and Co Rd 151. There's a good place to access the rivers/bayous at 151. You'll see the signs. Lots of sightings in that area too. Location map:

Other Noteworthy Locations

• Monster Mart (Hwy 71 and Main in the center of Fouke).

• Two miles south on Hwy 71 from the Monster Mart, you will cross Boggy Creek. (There's no sign, just a bridge.) It's not safe to stop here on the highway, however. The best spot to stop and see Boggy Creek is where it crosses under County Road 7 (Burgess Road).

• The Miller County Historical Museum is anothter great place to see Fouke Monster artifacts and learn about the history of the area. It's located on East Redcut Road just off Highway 71. You'll see the sign for it as you drive down the street. It's open from 10am - 2pm on Saturdays only.




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